Festival of Four
A World of Music CD, flutes, mandolin, guitars

Danza de Amor CD flute, guitars, bass, percussion

Viviana Guzman
Planet Flute CD, flutes, digeridoo, percussion Flute

Fantasies CD, solo flute

Argentine Music CD,  flute and guitar

Mostly Tango Live CD

Meditations for Flute CD, Native American Indian flute and soothing flute

National Geographic Serenity CD, guitars, bass and percussion

For a complete listing of Viviana’s recordings please visit viviana.org

Richard Patterson
Recuerdos Del Sol CD, solo guitar

Shenandoah CD, flute & guitar

Past Present Future CD, flute & guitar

Classical Offering CD, flute & guitar

An Angels Noel CD, flute & guitar

Essence of Romance CD, mandolin & guitar

Village of Czar CD, balalaika & guitar

Milonga de Amor CD, guitars, bass and percussion

Inside Passage CD, flute & guitar

Guillermo Rios
Soul of Spain CD, flamenco guitar
Stevan Pasero
Guitar Heartsongs CD

Guitar Masterpieces CD

Ballets, Operas and Masterpieces CD

Twelve Shades of Night CD

Songs for the Wild CD

Jambossa CD

Seasons CD

For a complete listing of Stevan Pasero recordings please visit stevanpasero.com